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The purpose of BIT Technologies is simple but clear: generate simplicity out of complexity. Our purpose together with our core values and our expertise will empower us to realize our vision and grow our business while making a positive impact on our environment and helping and generating added value to our clients.


At BIT Technologies we are a team and understand the importance of helping each other. We do believe that social impact should align with economic impact but also with environmental impact. We want to transmit the idea that making great products should be in line with retribution regardless of position. We need to own the technology and control every aspect of our products.

Software Solutions

Tailor-made, that´s how we design solutions so that you can exploit your business advantages. ​Big or small, your challenges are also ours and our commitment is to fairly contribute to achieve your goals Innovation and creativity driven, if you can imagine it, we can create it for you.

IT Consulting

Our consulting services focus on our clients most critical issues and opportunities: IT, Data Analytics, Legal Reporting and Accounting. We bring both deep functional and technical expertise that prove the synergies between IT and business exists and show how they can be managed to create value.

Managed Services

Keep your business up and running with the right managed services partner. Simple IT features and service oversights lead to costly downtime and can couse huge operaational and reputational issues, but we will catch your technology problems before they impact your business.



DAPHNE® generates synthetic data while maintaining the relational integrity of the anonymized columns throughout the entire data model. With DAPHNE®, users can generate consistent datasets that ensure the robustness of the original model. This is all possible with an auditing module that tracks any actions performed on the production data.

Tech Vision

Effective solution for small business

We think that customized Business Solutions should not be the domain of large corporations. We deliver cutting edge software solutions for SMEs and help them to focus on the most important stuff: Their clients and business.

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