Business Analysis Services

Our Business Analysis services will help you and your company gain a competitive advantage. You will be able to make informed decisions both faster and backed by more reliable data. Thanks to our extensive expertise in Data Migration, Financial Integration, Legal Reporting and Risk Advisory, you will reach your goals in the most efficient way possible.

Financial Integration

Our comprehensive financial integration services enable you to automate your financial processes and reduce the risk of errors.

We make sure that all your financial data is accurate, timely and compliant with the applicable regulations.

Data Migration

Our team has extensive experience in data migration and can help you transfer your data seamlessly from one system to another. We ensure that your valuable information is fully protected during the process by applying the highest security standards, and we guarantee that the transfer of data is done with minimal disruption to your business operations. Our data migration service is all-inclusive and covers a broad range of scenarios, including but not limited to:

ERP Migration

If you are planning to integrate an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system into your business processes, we can help you migrate data from legacy systems to the new ERP system. Our team will make sure that all your data is transferred accurately and that your business operations can continue without disruption during the process.

Implementation of a new Core Banking System

If your organization is planning to implement a new core banking system, we can help you migrate data from the existing system to the new one. Our team has extensive experience in the banking industry and understands that data accuracy and security are of critical importance in this field. BIT Technologies will ensure that all data is migrated without errors and meeting all regulatory requirements.

Data Migrations

If you are planning to migrate your data to a new database, our team can help you ensure that the migration process is carried out in the most seamless and secure way possible. We can migrate your data from a variety of database platforms including SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, among others.

Cloud Migration

If you are planning to migrate your data to the cloud, we can make sure that the migration is secure and compliant with all  applicable regulations. Our team can migrate your data to a variety of cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

Legal Reporting

We specialize in helping financial institutions analyse their IT systems and collect the relevant data needed to create single-point-of-truth repositories for the generation of all necessary legal banking reports.

Risk Advisory & Performance Improvement

BIT Technologies can help you identify and manage the risks derived from IT that could potentially have an impact on your business. We also offer support regarding the development of optimization strategies to improve the performance of your company as a whole to help you achieve your goals.

Our risk advisory and performance improvement services include but are not limited to risk assessments, risk management and business continuity planning.

Our Tech Ecosystem:

We collaborate with a variety of market leaders and innovative stakeholders in the IT market. We work with a wide array of technologies, ranging from the largest platform businesses to startups and niche vendors.

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